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Studio Policies


Please read the information below prior to committing to lessons. Music lessons are an investment, both financially and in time spent, and should be met with the expectations and dedication required to build these skills into musical excellence. 


1. Pricing and Payment


Individuals who are interested in music lessons may book a 45 minute Discovery Lesson for a one-time fee of $40. This lesson allows for student, family if applicable, and teacher to meet and discuss the student’s goals in addition to the presentation of regular teaching materials. Discovery Lesson bookings can be made by directly emailing Arianna Mae Studios at arianna.m.ervin@gmail.com. Following the initial Discovery Lesson, future lessons may be booked using the scheduling link provided at the rate of $60 per 60 minute lesson. Single session bookings are first-come-first-serve. To schedule recurring weekly lessons, please notify teacher by email so that your time slot is reserved for you and not available for one-time bookings. Payment is due prior to the booked lesson time via link provided, e-Transfer to Arianna Mae Ervin at the email address arianna.m.ervin@gmail.com, or exact cash paid upon arrival at the lesson. Packages of multiple lessons are available; inquire for more details. Should payment be late or denied, lessons will be discontinued and further bookings cancelled at the teacher’s discretion. 


2. Scheduling and Holidays


Students must be picked up and dropped off promptly at their scheduled time. In the event that a student is late, the lesson will end at the originally scheduled time and no refund will be provided. Lessons can be cancelled and rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. If the lesson is cancelled by the student 24 hours or less before the scheduled lesson time, student must still pay for the scheduled lesson. Medical and family emergencies are the only exception to this rule and are subject to the teacher’s discretion. Studio closures will be communicated to the students by email and on the calendar through the scheduling link.


​3. Health


Should a student desire to attend their lesson in the event that they are unwell, it is required that the teacher be notified prior to the lesson. Singing while sick, especially in the case of a sore/scratchy throat, can cause the sickness to persist and can cause lasting damage to the voice. That being said, there are lots of other exercises (theory, ear training, repertoire study, language work, anatomy) that can be explored while sick that do not require singing, so feel free to attend your lesson in the event that you are not contagious. If you have a fever or are believed to be contagious, please do not attend your lesson. Let the teacher know and rescheduling will be discussed based on studio availability. 


4. Communication


Please email all concerns and questions to Arianna Mae at  arianna.m.ervin@gmail.com.


5. Additional Expenses


In music lessons, there are occasionally additional expenses that are to be expected. For piano lessons, method books for repertoire and theory are great resources to enable clear and consistent progress while building a strong musical foundation. Books recommended and approved by the teacher are to be purchased by the student, and are not the responsibility of the teacher. The Royal Conservatory of Music materials and exams offer their own set of fees. These fees are wholly the responsibility of student and family and, should an error occur with the scheduling or registering of an RCM exam by the student or family, the teacher will not be held financially accountable. If planning to work from sheet music in the lesson, please bring two paper copies or email the teacher a PDF ahead of time. For singing lessons, please bring a water bottle.


6. Lesson Observations 


Family members are of course welcome to sit in or attend the last few minutes of a lesson as long as they maintain a respectful, non-judgemental approach. For students 6 years old and under, a parent or guardian must remain at the studio for the duration of the lesson. For students older than 6, please keep in mind that observers in the lessons will change how the student performs, and may provide a distraction. Music lessons (particularly voice lessons) are a vulnerable endeavour, and the space created at the studio is one that students feel comfortable and safe to express themselves in. Siblings of students are not the responsibility of the teacher at the studio, and should not be left at the studio throughout the duration of the other child’s lesson. Students are welcome to record their voice lessons for personal use after requesting permission from the teacher, and are not to share or post recordings of the lessons anywhere.

7. Recommended Apparel for Movement Work


For voice lessons, please wear comfortable clothing that permits free movement, stable alignment and full breathing. You may be asked to move around, bend down, or stand for a length of time. 


8. Practice Standards


Students with recurring lesson plans are expected to practice 3 - 5 times per week on the materials presented and discussed by the teacher. 


9. Studio Etiquette


Please be mindful of the physical studio space. The teacher is welcoming you into their home and creative space, and requires that it and the equipment included be treated with care.


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